“Is Ham Tasty?” and other important scientific studies

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If they Prescribe Prozac to Dogs…

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…why can’t they prescribe Statin to cats?

b dub p original.

Where DIY meets WTF..

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Obama portrait with unicorn and funky soul

“If you’ve got a dream about Obama, it might look something like this”

attn: we poor

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for all y’all who don’t know b dub p is officially po’.

everyone working in the ghetto all of a sudden, be it a shelter or a halfway house.

on foodstamps and social assistance. trying to will that cavity/t.b./west nile out of existence.

living in the ghetto.

a van with a loud speaker telling you to close your window at night cuz they spraying?
yeah. POOR.


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I guess ur a model bc u took cheap ass photo shoot pics… #sitdown

im tired of seeing free weezy. no niggas they not gon free him until he pays his dues to society!!! so plz #sitdown and #stfu.

#SomePeopleThink too much, over analyse the world n sh!t, ur not Aristotle #SitDown

#howyouagangsta and u balling off pell grants, 21st century scholars, and sallie mae? #sitdown

#ImNotUnderstanding y girls feel the need to be extra! If you not gettin love, its just not your turn! #SitDown

#undernocircumstances should you be reppin your metro like it’s an iphone, smh #sitdown buddy.

Mayan Bat God- Oaxaca, AD 300–650

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(funerary urn)

“The Bat God was one of the important deities of the Maya, many elements of whose religion were shared also by the Zapotec.  The Bat God in particular is known to have been revered also by the Zapotec … He was especially associated … with the underworld.”

New Terminology

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Millduke(v.) – To hit something as hard as you can with a piece of broken sporting equipment. Or the back of your hand.

ex. “You have been MILLDUKED.” or “Consider yourself MILLDUKED.” or What I would do to this creature if he crossed my path:

Or this creature:

Missed you guys. b dub p.

Go on children, shoot your guns now

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I guess there’s some pretty alright Verne’s out there. Jules Verne, Verne Dawson, one of the creators of BWP.

But whatchu know about Verne & Craig? Two radio hosts from Pheonix, AZ in the mid ’70s who ran an extremely offensive comedy show for a little over a year, The Love Workshop.

A good place to start is “Jesus Christ: Air Conditioning Repairman”

But for those of you with sicker senses of humor (you’re in good company here) check out the “Anita Bryant Orange Juice Ad” and “Kent State” shows

Sorry about that.

Chee Weez. the original cheese doodle is right n’yuh…

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and it is damn good.



new yorks 10 worst landlords

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