talk to your fro, your fro is wild


Check the top rated comment on this video at youtube: “I watched a documentary on Soul Train the other day. They interviewed Questlove and he said after this commercial he never let his fro look bad again. ‘Frederick Douglass didn’t have to tell me but once.'”

I must confess I stole this from my buddy Joe, who is a fellow blogger on the blog I’ve been contributing to down here in North Carolina, Circle Shirk. If yon BWP folk need another blog to dick around on at work or whatever, I recommend Circle Shirk wholeheartedly. Occasionally there are boring ass posts about NC college basketball (yawn), but other than that it’s usually entertaining.

Miss you guys.



One Response to “talk to your fro, your fro is wild”

  1. clamato Says:

    We miss you too!

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